Propane Benefits

Propane benefits

How using propane can add to your quality of life

Propane gas (also called LP or liquid propane gas) is one of top fuels around, for so many reasons. Here are just a few of the benefits propane can provide for your New York home or business:

  • Efficiency—Propane appliances operate with excellent efficiency ratings (some propane furnaces, for example, can reach 98% efficiency – a number unimaginable a decade ago). That can really help you take a bite out of your energy bills – especially if you’re converting from an electric-based system. If you’re using propane for your commercial enterprise, that overhead-lowering efficiency will come in handy when it comes time to pay your bill.
  • Simplicity—From a single supply tank, propane can heat your water, cook your food, dry your clothes, warm your home AND pool…it can even give you an evening in front of the fire at the click of a button (try all of THAT with heating oil). On the commercial side, it can power everything from temporary construction heaters to gourmet food trucks and forklifts. Propane is a simple, versatile solution for your home or business.
  • Effectiveness—Homeowners enjoy the warm comfort and cost-effective convenience of propane; business owners appreciate that it works—reliably, in any weather—at their farms, construction sites, restaurants and more. The bottom line: People love propane because it works!
  • Eco-friendliness—Propane is the only alternative home heating fuel approved in the 1990 Clear Air Act. It virtually eliminates harmful carbon emissions, and it’s nontoxic—and unlike heating oil, it won’t pool if it leaks.
  • Proven safety record—Propane appliances, tanks and systems are built to the strictest standards, and all propane technicians undergo rigorous training to ensure safe propane gas delivery. The result? One of the best safety records in the fueling industry.
  • Availability—Propane is a by-product of petroleum refining, so it is readily available—in fact, almost all the propane used in the US is produced domestically. If you want to reduce our dependence on foreign heating oil, switch to propane.

Discover these and other propane benefits for yourself – contact Irish Propane to get started on your path to a propane-powered or business.

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