Cylinder Refills

Need a propane cylinder refill for your space heater or barbecue tank?

Fast, friendly fill-up at our Buffalo or Rochester NY location

People get attached to the darnedest things—even their propane cylinders.

We get it: When you have a propane cylinder that you know is safe, reliable and cared for (by you), you want to hold on to it so you can make sure it will continue to be safe, reliable and cared for.

That’s one of the main reasons we’re in the business of refilling propane cylinders—an approach that lets you keep your favorite tank for as long as you want (provided you keep it in good, safe operating order, which we’ll check for when we inspect your tank during a refill).

Propane cylinder refills: More for your money

propane cylinder refill

The other and perhaps more important reason we offer cylinder refills? Simple economics: You get more for your money with a propane refill than you will with propane tank exchange.

Think about it: If you’re exchanging your tank, it’s probably not completely empty (even if you “run out” in the middle of a cooking session, there’s probably at least some gas left; if you exchange tanks between cooking sessions, there’s definitely some gas left). With an exchange, you’re giving away that remaining gas.

Why do that?

Even if there’s nothing left in your tank, you’ll still get more gas from a refill than an exchange. Most tank exchange companies will fill a tank to only about 75 percent capacity. They’ll say it’s for safety reasons (the law requires propane companies to leave 20 percent of the tank empty to allow for propane expansion). The problem with that is that 20 percent cushion is already factored in to the tank’s 20 lb. capacity!

Basically, you’re paying full price for a tank that’s three-quarters full…Why do that?

Honest refills for your barbecue, RV and space heater propane tanks

Irish Propane offers cylinder refills for domestic customers at its locations in Buffalo and Rochester. We’ll fill your 20- to 40-pound cylinder for your propane barbecue grill, propane space heater or RV quickly, with as much propane gas as we can safely fit in your tank.

Get an honest propane cylinder refill for your Western or Central New York home from the friendly experts at Irish Propane. Contact us today to schedule a refill visit!

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