Tank Disposal

Bring us your unwanted propane tanks

we’ll take care of them with our propane tank disposal service

What do you do when your 20- to 40-pound propane cylinder from your old space heater or barbecue has reached the end of the road?

Well, one thing you should NEVER do with a rusted or badly damaged propane cylinder is to throw it in the trash. It’s dangerous—and it’s against the law.

If you’ve got an unwanted propane tank cylinder sitting around gathering dust in your backyard or outdoor area (if your propane tank is INSIDE your house, move it now! It’s a propane safety hazard!) and want an easy way to retire it safely and in accordance with all New York State recycling and hazardous waste disposal codes, bring it in to one of our Irish Propane locations—for a small fee, we’ll take care of it for you.

Free up some space in your garage or outdoor area—recycle propane tanks at one of our Buffalo or Rochester locations today!

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