Payment Plans

Convenient payment plans from Irish Propane take a bite out of winter worry

When you live in or around Buffalo or Rochester, the last thing you need is more winter stress (We know; we live here, too).

That’s why Irish Propane offers two payment plan options that are designed to make your bill paying easier and more predictable—and to set aside some of winter’s worries.

Get more predictable bills with our budget payment plan

We don’t think it’s fair that you have to pay 80% of your heating costs over the course of four or five short winter months, which is why we offer a budget payment plan for our propane delivery customers. Here’s how it works:

  • We’ll spread your annual fuel bill out over 12 equal payments, which effectively cuts your winter fuel bills in half. By giving you a fixed monthly payment, your fuel costs become much more predictable and easy to manage.
  • You don’t pay any more for this service—there are never any fees for the plan. We simply multiply your estimate annual fuel use based on previous bills by this year’s projected price, then split that total into 12 payments, making a one-time payment adjustment, up or down, if needed. Instead of paying as much as $500 or $600 per delivery, you’ll pay half that amount or less.
  • You won’t use more fuel than you’d normally use: Even if it is really cold and you get more than one delivery, you still receive your regular monthly bill.

Safe and easy autopay: Save a stamp and cut the paper clutter

Want another convenient way to manage your bills? Try our autopay service. With autopay, we’ll deduct your bill from your bank account via Electronic Funds Transfer (ETF)—about the safest and fastest way to pay your bills. We’ll send your statements by email—you can always view your bill online and print it whenever you’d like.

Sign up for autopay today and you’ll enjoy:

  • faster payment, which will save you a stamp and help you avoid late fees
  • space-saving ease, with no bulky paper records
  • a smaller carbon footprint, by helping to reduce paper waste, ink, delivery fuel and other materials
  • better security, with no middleman handling your sensitive account information

Convenient payment plan options—another reason to trust the propane pros at Irish. Contact us today to sign up for our budget plan or autopay programs!

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