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Dependable Propane Delivery and Service in Buffalo, NY, and Nearby Towns

Count on Irish Propane for your propane needs!

From Tonawanda to Cheektowaga and all around the Greater Buffalo Area, homes and businesses get propane delivery and service they can trust from Irish Propane. We’re a fourth-generation, family, certified woman’s enterprise business that has been serving this area since 1932.

propane delivery Buffalo NY

Irish Propane’s residential and commercial propane services

Propane delivery – Don’t worry about ever running out of propane again with our Automatic Delivery feature! Our sophisticated software accurately predicts your needs and schedules a delivery to ensure you never go without. With us, having an uninterrupted flow of propane has become effortless!

Tank disposal – Don’t let your old, expired propane tanks take up any more space in your yard. Instead, bring them to our Buffalo office and we’ll remove them for you! With us taking care of the disposal process, you can rest assured that they will be safely disposed of.

Payment options – Our Budget Payment Plan and AutoPay make it easier to take charge of your propane costs in a way that suits you best.

Propane cylinder refills – If you’re after a full propane cylinder for your grill, firepit, generator, camp stove, RV, or any other use, look no further. We offer safe and cost-efficient refills of 20-pound and 40-pound cylinders at our Buffalo office during business hours. Stop by today to get what you need!

Commercial propane services – Our bulk propane delivery services are tailored to businesses like construction and restaurants, along with commercial generators. We also bring convenience in the form of our cylinder exchange service for forklifts so that you never run out of fuel. Not only that but we offer on-site refills, tank certification, and exchanges for food trucks too! Furthermore, customized propane solutions designed specifically for pest control companies help keep homes and business premises bug-free.

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Meet the Buffalo team

Irish Propane is committed to delivering excellence in the Buffalo region through our propane delivery and services. Our team of professionals strive to be dependable, courteous, and safety-focused while ensuring that all customers experience exemplary customer service.

Your Buffalo-area neighbors love Irish Propane!

“Great guys, fair prices, and quick service. Get your propane tank filled here and you get to leave with your tank versus someone else’s rusty one.” – Jack P.

“Love this company! We usually get a fill up the day after we call that we’re getting low. With our previous propane company, we were forced to run out in the dead of winter multiple times with a week-plus of notice, despite our house being less than 2 miles from their facility! The Irish drivers are super nice, prices are really affordable. Glad we made the switch! ” – Emma B.

Propane delivery FAQs for new customers

propane delivery Buffalo NY

Q. How do I know when I need more propane?

A. Let Irish Propane’s Automatic Delivery take the hassle out of refilling your propane tank! Our state-of-the-art software tracks and analyses your past usage, as well as weather forecasts, to ensure you never run out. No action is required on your part; simply relax knowing that we have everything covered for you! With Automatic Delivery, a delivery will arrive when it’s needed – so leave the worrying behind and enjoy peace of mind with our reliable service.

Choosing the Will-Call method of propane delivery demands that you stay on top of your tank levels to make sure they never go below 30%. Should an emergency propane delivery be needed, there will be additional fees.

Q. What do I do if there’s a propane leak in my home?

A. If you ever catch a whiff of the unmistakable smell of propane, similar to skunk spray or rotten eggs, it is imperative that you take immediate action and evacuate your home as soon as possible. Keep your family safe from harm by adhering to safety protocol for propane. Be sure to extinguish all ignition sources like lighters or cigarettes immediately, and refrain from switching on any lights or phones as you leave. Once you have evacuated, it is important to dial 911 and Irish Propane right away. Don’t return home until the all-clear is given. If there are any further inquiries about propane safety, please contact us without hesitation!

Q. What should I do with old propane tanks at my home?

A. To ensure safety and avoid potential harm, propane tanks should never be stored inside any enclosed area such as your home or garage, sunporch, shed, or carport. Instead store them outdoors on a raised surface to prevent rusting – away from direct sunlight. Also, never try to throw out old propane tanks with your trash. It’s dangerous, and against the law.

Irish Prop is here to make your life easier! If you possess old, out-of-date propane tanks that need disposing of safely and securely, bring them into our Buffalo office. For a small fee we’ll get rid of it for you – no fuss or headaches involved – ensuring all regulations are followed in the process.

Ready for propane delivery and service that can’t be beat? Become an Irish Propane customer today!

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