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If you own a pest control business, you already know that your customers have become increasingly educated about and exposed to the dangers of bed bugs – and more aware and leery of the dangers of pesticide use in their homes.

That’s why a lot of pest control professionals are turning to good old-fashioned heat as all alternative to chemicals for bedbug eradication—and no energy source heats faster or more effectively than propane gas.

Propane: A killer pest control solution

While electric heat often takes too long to heat a room to “kill zone” temperatures, which gives bed bugs a chance to escape, propane heats rooms fast enough and hot enough to do the job right—even in hard-to-reach places and between walls, where bed bugs can hide.

Reliable propane supply for any-sized job

If you’re thinking about investing in—or have already invested in—a heat-treating system for your pest control business and need a reliable supply of propane to power your forced air or radiant heater equipment, Irish Propane can deliver for you.

We’ll supply as much propane as you need to tackle any sized job—from private homes to apartment buildings, dorms and hotels. Our expert crews and well-maintained fleet will get that propane to you where and when you need it so you can keep your clients happy and the bed bugs at bay.

For a reliable supply of propane for your Buffalo- or Rochester-area pest control business, nobody beats Irish Propane. Contact us today to set up your commercial account!

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