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Automatic Delivery Customers: Keep Us in the Loop

Let us know when there are changes in your household

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Someone once said that the only constant is change. And while someone else said that the more things change the more they stay the same, that’s not true when it comes to your propane usage. Even a modest change in your home and habits can have a noticeable effect on your fuel usage

Change is something we’ve all had to get even more used to during the past two years. How we celebrate, work, study, and consume entertainment have all changed because of Covid-19. There are changes to your household you may be taking for granted, but at Irish Propane, we hope you’ll take the time to keep up in the loop of those changes so we can adjust your automatic propane delivery schedule accordingly.

Here are some changes that can affect your fuel usage:

  • More people in the household. Perhaps you had kids away in school that are home for the winter holiday. Or perhaps a friend or family member is now living with you long-term.
  • More time spent in the home. Especially because of Covid, more people are spending more hours in the home because they’re working from home, attending classes virtually, and just generally spending less time in other venues. More time indoors during the winter means keeping your home warm for more hours of the day. Perhaps you’re eating out less and cooking more. That will also increase your propane usage.
  • Getting away from it all. If you’ve decided to leave town for an extended period of time to get away from it all, that will decrease your propane usage for a season.

Keeping us in the know gets you the best service

Whenever there are changes in your home and habits (whether due to the pandemic or something else), please let us at Irish Propane know—especially if you’re an automatic delivery customer. Keeping us in the loop is important because any number of changes can impact your propane usage in comparison to years past. We can serve you better if we have as accurate as possible a picture of your changing propane needs.

There are a lot of factors we take into account when determining your delivery schedule. First and foremost, we consider current and upcoming weather conditions as well as your prior heating oil usage. If your propane usage changes, that’s something we need to factor into our scheduling process.

Perhaps change is a constant, but Irish Propane is tried and true. We are a fourth-generation, family owned, and certified women’s business enterprise that delivers quality propane to homes in central and western New York. We’re also committed to offering fair and honest pricing. That’s something that will never change.

If you’re looking for a reliable propane supplier in or around the Rochester or Buffalo areas of New York, you can count on Irish Propane. Contact us today to let us know how we can best serve you.

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