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Can Propane Freeze?

Science Class

propane freeze point new yorkWith winter around the corner, you might begin to worry about how the cold weather will impact the propane in your home’s propane tank. Well, since it’s back-to-school season, let’s take a trip to science class. Winters in Western and Central New York are not for the faint of heart (or thin skinned). It gets cold up here. Really, really cold. As a propane customer, have you ever wondered if propane can freeze or if the cold can negatively impact your propane tank?

Propane can indeed freeze. However, having the propane in your propane tank freeze isn’t something you need to spend a lot of time worrying about. Why? Well, the freezing point of propane is below zero. Specifically, the freezing point of propane is -44 degrees Fahrenheit. It might get cold in Buffalo and Rochester, but not that cold. So there’s no need to worry about your propane freezing this winter—unless we get some really record-breaking cold!

Winter Propane Tank Care

It’s true that you don’t have to worry about your propane freezing this winter, but that’s not to say you can forget all about it. There are some things you still need to think about when the temperatures dip. Propane won’t freeze at any of the temperatures we’ll see this winter, but it is still affected by extremely cold weather.

Propane is a liquid. When it gets cold enough, it contracts. That means that if the temperature drops, the same amount of propane will take up less volume. Your propane tank’s size stays the same. So when the volume of propane in the tank decreases, so does the propane pressure in the tank. If the pressure gets too low, the propane in your tank won’t be able to reach your gas burner and you’re likely to have trouble running your propane appliances.

Chances are this won’t be a common occurrence this winter, but it’s still helpful to know what you can do to avoid low propane pressure problems.

Here are three tips:

  1. Stay above 30. Don’t let your propane tank’s level fall below 30%. If you notice you’re close to only having 1/3 of a tank, especially if really cold weather is in the forecast, contact Irish Propane to request a propane delivery.
  2. Clear the snow. Make sure you always clear the snow off your tank as soon as you can after a snowstorm. Exposure to the sun will keep your tank warmer.
  3. Lower your thermostat. This might seem counterintuitive on a cold day, but it’s all about pressure. Turning your thermostat down will decrease your heating system’s workload. This will allow the pressure in your tank to build.

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Now that you know how to care for your propane tank during the winter months, do you know who to call when you need a propane delivery? The answer is Irish Propane. You can purchase your propane with confidence when you come to us. We offer our Western and Central New York customers honest and fair propane pricing. And we deliver any time, any day, and in any weather.

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