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How To Dispose Of a Propane Tank

fuel tank disposal new yorkAs you start to tackle your fall household cleaning tasks, you may find that your stash of 20- or 40-pound propane tanks has grown after a full season of grilling (a great sign that you enjoyed your summer!).

If you have empty propane tanks sitting around your backyard (never inside your home, we hope), it’s a good idea to have them refilled or recycled before winter sets in. Remember: discarding propane cylinders with your regular trash is dangerous – and illegal in New York State!

While you may find some private recycling companies that will take your old single use or refillable propane grill cylinders, the easiest and safest way to handle propane tank disposal in the Buffalo and Rochester area is to bring your propane tank to one of our convenient locations and let us do it for you.

When transporting your tank, please observe the following propane safety procedures:

  • Keep your propane tank well-ventilated inside your vehicle
  • Always transport your propane tank upright (with the valve at the top)
  • Close the valve by turning it clockwise; if you have a valve cap, use it
  • Take your propane tank directly to the refilling location
  • Do not leave your propane tank unaccompanied in the vehicle

If you need your propane tank re-certified (which is required once your tank reaches its tenth year in use and every five years after that), we can do that, too. To check your propane tank’s certification date, look for a metal collar at the top of the tank, near the valve; the date should be stamped into the collar.

Dispose of your propane barbecue cylinder properly by bringing it to a convenient Irish Propane location!

Contact us to learn more – or just stop by with your old tank!

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