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Propane: An Important Part of America’s Energy Solution

There’s so much propane can do

earth-friendly propane new yorkIf you’re looking for a versatile energy source, look no further than propane. It can do a lot for your central or western New York home. Propane is an important part of America’s energy solution because it is versatile, eco-friendly, readily available, safe, and efficient.

The versatility of propane

Sure, propane can heat your home, but it can do a lot more than that. Propane is also a safe and efficient way to power your indoor and outdoor appliances. Propane isn’t just for residential use. It also has a lot of commercial applications. Warehouses and factories use it as an economical source of heat. Because propane has low, nontoxic emissions, it’s also used for indoor forklifts, torches, and welders. And since propane is produced right here in the US or Canada, it’s in abundant supply and not susceptible to foreign conflicts.

There’s a lot propane can do for your New York home. Here are a even more reasons it’s an important part of America’s energy solution:

Propane is eco-friendly

Compared to other fuels, propane is one of the cleanest burning. If you compare an all-electric home to one that uses propane for heating, the propane home will produce up to 30% less in carbon emissions. A home that uses propane for heating, water heating, cooking, clothes drying, and space heating will produce up to 50% less in carbon emissions than an all-electric house.

Additionally, in the rare event of a leak, propane doesn’t pose a danger to the environment. It doesn’t harm the air, soil, water, plants, or water-based organisms. It just dissipates.

Propane is readily available

America has an abundant supply of propane because the majority of propane is produced domestically. Our country’s supply of propane is so abundant, the US is able to export roughly 10 gallons of propane each year. Your home will always have uninterrupted access to propane because it can be easily stored in a tank on your property. Unlike natural gas customers, when you use propane, you’re never at the mercy of a utility and its potential infrastructure problems.

Propane is safe

There’s little to worry about with propane. There are strict guidelines for propane handling that are enforced by the National Fire Protection Association. As a result, propane has always had a strong safety record. Propane is not as combustible as other fuels. It’s also nontoxic.

Propane is efficient

Propane appliances give you more for your money as compared to their electric counterparts because they operate more efficiently. By switching to propane, you’ll see a reduction in your energy costs. Current-day propane heating systems are capable of up to 98% efficiency. Propane water heaters get the job done faster than electric water heaters. The same is true of propane clothes dryers. (They also generate less static.)

There are a lot of reasons to choose propane for your home. And, if you live in western and central New York, you need look no farther than Irish Propane for residential propane delivery. We also refill and dispose of propane cylinders.

If you’re looking for a reliable propane supplier in or around the Rochester or Buffalo areas of New York, choose Irish Propane. Contact us today to schedule your next propane delivery and ask about our convenient payment plans.

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