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Propane Services for Your Food Truck

Fuel, propane cylinders and services for your mobile food business

gas tank service rochester, ny As the weather warms up, more people in Buffalo, Rochester and other central and western New York cities flock to food trucks for lunch. Whether you’re serving sizzling tacos, loaded gyros, zesty barbecue or some other tasty dish, you need a reliable and affordable fuel source to heat your cooktop.

Propane is a superior option for food trucks. It produces a powerful, even flame that heats food and water quickly. It releases no methane, and its carbon, particulate matter and oxide emissions are vanishingly low. And since propane is almost entirely domestically-produced, its price is more stable than other fuels.

Irish Propane is the premier provider of food truck propane in this region. Here are some considerations when planning your truck’s fuel.

Propane tank sizes and placement for food trucks

By and large, most food trucks use 100-pound propane tanks. These containers offer a suitable balance between saving space and storing enough fuel. Your business’s needs may vary.

There are two principal ways to place propane tanks on a food truck:

  • Horizontal placement — In this scenario, the tank goes under the truck in a protective compartment. This protects the tank if there’s a collision, but it can still be struck by large debris on the road. There’s also the concern of access. If you need to change your fuel tank in the middle of the day, it can be cumbersome to do so underneath the truck. This access is particularly worrisome if there is a leak.
  • Vertical placement — You can also install tanks upright on the back of the truck (above the bumper to minimize the risk of rupture in a traffic accident). This leaves the tank more exposed, but it has significant advantages. In addition to better accessibility, vertical tanks are typically less expensive than horizontal ones.

Propane safety for food trucks

It’s essential that you get acquainted with the markings on your propane cylinder so you know how it is and when it was last recertified. The Irish Propane team can help you with this.

You also need to make sure your whole team knows important propane safety information, including:

  • what propane smells like (rotten eggs).
  • where the gas lines on your truck are located.
  • whom to contact if there is a propane leak. (You should never try to fix a propane leak yourself.)

Irish Propane is your one-stop food truck fuel provider!

One of the appealing things about cooking with propane is how easy it is to transport, but you need a reliable propane company to ensure you never run out of fuel.

Irish Propane is the top food truck propane company in central and northern New York. We offer the following services:

  • Propane tank rentals — We rent high-quality cylinders for food trucks, and you can refill them at our Buffalo or Rochester locations.
  • Propane delivery planning — We’ll help you plan how often you need to replenish your fuel.
  • Propane support services — Irish Propane helps you stay in compliance with tank certifications, inspections and leak testing.

Irish Propane helps keep things sizzling in your food truck. Become a customer today!

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