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Propane BBQ: 6 Tips for Grilling This Super Bowl

Grilling for the big game: tips for your propane BBQ

If you want to do a Super Bowl party right, nothing says “Big Game” quite like a charbroiled meal hot off your propane grill.

But grilling in the winter isn’t quite the same as grilling in the summer. To do it right, follow these six tips:

  • Find a good spot – Try to get as much protection from the wind as possible, but NEVER grill in an enclosed porch area or in the house.
  • Have extra propane on hand – Cold temperatures affect the temperature inside your grill, too, so be sure to compensate for the heat lost to the outdoor air by having more propane on hand. You will typically use about 35-50 percent more fuel when grilling in the winter months.
  • Pre-heat for longer – Grill pre-heating is very important, because foods stick on cold grates; searing also requires a hot grill. Plan to pre-heat a little longer than in the summer – say 15 to 20 minutes rather than the usual 10.
  • Choose foods wisely – Fish and hot dogs cook quickly, so you won’t have to spend too much time in the cold watching them. Cooking barbecue is a slow process that doesn’t require a lot of monitoring after the initial set-up – both good things when temps dip below freezing. Hamburgers and steaks are a tougher go, since they take time to cook and require careful monitoring; try to make hamburgers and choose steak cuts that on the thin side.
  • Use two heat settings – When you grill in cold weather, keep one side of the grill on high and the other on low. This allows you to vary cooking times of the food; if a steak cooks quicker, you can shift it to the lower side to stay warm while the rest of the meal catches up.
  • Keep a covered cast iron pan nearby – A cast iron pan holds the heat well, so it’s great to keep your food warm. As your food comes off the grill, put it in the pan and cover it.

Enjoy the game and your propane grill! And don’t forget – Irish Propane is always here if you need propane gas to power your grill or anything else in your home. Contact us today to learn more about our propane cylinder refill service!

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