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How Do You Cook Meat on a Propane Grill?

Cooking meat on propane grill

Summer is in full swing, which means it’s prime outdoor entertainment season!

Want to make sure your meat cooking is up to snuff with the best of the rest on the Buffalo and Rochester circuit? Follow these seven tips for perfect propane grilling of your favorite meats this summer.

  1. Keep your grill clean. A clean grill will reduce the risk of flare-ups, which can burn your food (not to mention you). A simple way to solve the problem is to turn the grill on high for 15 minutes before you cook; this will burn off most of the grease. To get it the rest, scrape the grates with a wire grill brush – and be sure to do a deep cleaning (grates and burner covers off) at least a couple of times a year.
  2. Lower heat for sugar-coated meat. Many delicious rubs and BBQ sauces are full of sugar, which chars easily. If you’re cooking with a sugary glaze, limit your temperature to about 265 F or so to prevent charring. Cooking will take longer, so plan accordingly.
  3. Once you start grilling, don’t stop or walk away. Meats can cook surprisingly quickly on a hot fire. Don’t walk away from your grill – once you start, stick with it until it’s done (this is also for your safety).
  4. Practice food safety. Always cook your meat to safe temperatures using a thermometer (see this guide to safe food temperatures from the U.S. Department for Agriculture). Keep your utensils clean and always keep cooked and raw foods separated (use different plates for each).
  5. Cook according to the cut and type of meat. Cook thin cuts of lamb, pork, or beef (including burgers) hot and fast; cook fish, veggies, and chicken for moderate times at moderate temperatures. For larger cuts of meat – roasts, etc. –cook at lower temperatures for longer.
  6. Use direct and indirect heat. Use direct grilling for hot, fast cooking and indirect cooking for long, slow cooking (see #6 above). If you have a four burner stove and want to cook with indirect heat, turn two burners off. Meats can be seared first by direct heat, and then moved to indirect heat to slowly roast.
  7. Always have plenty of propane on hand. Don’t be “that guy” – you know, the one who runs out of gas half way through cooking the perfect roast while his hungry guests look on helplessly. Stop in for a propane BBQ cylinder refill before your next big grill-a-thon – or make sure you schedule a propane delivery if you’re running low on gas for the built-in propane grill in your outdoor kitchen.

Need a propane cylinder refill or a propane delivery before your next big BBQ bash? Irish Propane has you covered. Stop by one of our convenient locations with your tank, or contact us today to schedule a propane delivery for your home propane tank.

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