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How To Dispose of a Propane Tank

We’ll take care of it!

tank disposal new yorkNew York has already gotten a taste of spring, and more is on the way. (Thank goodness!) Now that the weather is getting milder, are you getting ready to dust off your propane barbeque grill or outdoor space heater? Do you have some old 20-pound or 40-pound propane cylinders you need to get rid of?

Hopefully you already know that you should never throw your old cylinders in the trash. It’s against the law. It’s also dangerous. And you also shouldn’t be storing your propane tanks inside your home. That’s a safety hazard as well. If you need a refresher on propane safety, click here.

Propane tank disposal

If you have unwanted propane tank cylinders collecting dust and taking up space in your backyard, don’t worry. Irish Propane can take care of them for you. And just like with all the other services we offer, Irish Propane makes propane tank disposal easy.

Bring your rusted or badly damaged and unwanted propane tank cylinders to Irish Propane knowing that we’ll dispose of them safely and in accordance with all of New York State’s codes for recycling and hazardous waste disposal. Just bring your propane cylinder to an Irish Propane location, and we’ll take care of the rest for a small fee.

Now that the weather is warming up and you’ll be wanting to use your outdoor space even more, it’s a great time to declutter and recycle your unwanted propane tank cylinders.

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If you’re in or around the Rochester or Buffalo areas of New York, you can count on Irish Propane. Contact us today to learn more about all of the propane services we offer.

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