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Irish Residential Propane- Fair and Honest Pricing Part 2

The calendar may say Spring and with the cold weather season behind us, the last thing a residential propane customer wants to do is research prices for the upcoming winter.  It can be such a hassle to do all the research to find the best price available and signup with a new company only to find out days later that some other company is offering a lower price.

It’s called the old “bait and switch” tactic.  But that is only the first part of the hassle.   Some propane companies out there use the cable company tactic where there is a low price promotional period to get you to switch companies only to raise their price substantially year after year.  Scheduling a time to have the old company uninstall their tank then having to schedule a time for the installation of the new tank- talk about hassle!   Why are you having to think about this year after year?  Don’t you want to take all the guesswork out of this to relax and enjoy yourself?

There is a hassle-free solution called Fair and Honest pricing from Irish Propane.

What does Fair and Honest pricing mean to you, the consumer?  We realize it can be such a hassle to have to think about this so we guarantee you will get our best price available year after year.  No more price shock each month and no more having to do endless research and no more price shopping.  We want the privilege of having you as a customer for life and in return our pledge to you will be that you will get our best price available- every year!  Sound good?  Want more?

With your Fair and Honest pricing comes a Personal Service Guarantee.  Our knowledgeable and courteous office staff, Anita and Mike will answer our office phone every business day to answer any question or address any issue you may have with your propane account.  No getting bounced around to call centers and absolutely no automated call attendants.  It will be like calling up your trusted best buddy for help.

We are so sure of our Fair and Honest pricing that we are willing to put our money where our mouth is in our Referral Program.  Celebrate your hassle-free Fair and Honest price with all your neighbors and for every neighbor that signs a new residential account with Irish Propane will mean $125 to you and $125 to your neighbor- it’s that easy!

Combine all of this with Irish Propane’s superior service 24/7/365 and what you now have is a hassle free, Fair and Honest solution.  So call today so you can sit and relax tomorrow!

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