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Outdoor Uses for Propane: Think Outside The Home

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Spring is here – time to start thinking about outdoor entertaining! With a little planning and investment – and a little help from propane gas – you can turn your plain old outdoor space into your family’s favorite place to gather.

Why spruce up your outdoor space?

Adding an outdoor kitchen or entertainment space is one of the best and most cost-effective ways to add space to your home, giving you more area to entertain at a fraction of the cost of an home addition.

An investment in your outdoor space will usually pay for itself by making your home more desirable if you choose to sell it, to say nothing of what it will do for your energy bills if your family spends more time outside rather than in your home.

Propane makes outdoor living possible

Imagine what you could do with an outdoor “room” packed with comforts you know and love. It’s possible, thanks to the power of propane – and it could be more affordable than you think! Consider these propane possibilities for your outdoor space:

  • Propane patio heaters – Keep your guests comfortable on cool spring and fall nights with a propane patio heater.
  • Propane mosquito magnets – Imagine a mosquito-free yard without the noxious smells or obnoxious sounds of sprays and zappers – that’s what you get when you install a propane mosquito magnet (here’s how it works…pretty cool, huh?).
  • A propane grill and smoker – When it comes to outdoor cooking, nothing beats the precision temperature control of propane. Make a built-in grill the centerpiece of your outdoor kitchen – or add a propane smoker for perfect smoked meat and veggies without the wood- or coal-burning hassles.
  • Propane pool heaters – The only thing that beats a cool dip on a hot day is a warm dip on a cool evening – or soaking in a propane-heated spa at the end of a long work day. The best way to make that happen? Use a propane pool or spa heater.
  • Propane torches and lighting – Propane lights are available in just about any size and style – from tiki torches to modern fixtures. No more wires or stinky candles – just flick a switch and your lamps are lit for the night.
  • Propane fire pits and fire tables – Imagine sitting by a hearth under the stars – without leaving your backyard! You can do it, thanks to propane!

Power your outdoor fun with propane – delivered when and where you need it from the pros at Irish Propane. Contact us today to learn more about reliable propane deliveries in Buffalo and Rochester, NY!

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