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How To Save Money With Propane This Fall and Winter

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Most people think of propane gas only as a fuel for their grill or RV. But the truth is that propane is one of the most versatile and powerful sources of home energy around. Propane can power just about any home comfort appliance that runs on electricity, and usually do a better job of it, too.

“Better” often translates to money in your pocket: by operating at high efficiency and producing an intensive output of energy when you burn it, propane allows your equipment to operate less often and for less time, saving you money.

Take propane water heaters, for example. They cost 30 percent less to operate than electric models on average – even less if you invest in a tankless model. But even if you don’t go tankless, a conventional propane water heater (one with a tank) will have a much faster recovery period (the time it takes to reheat a tank of water once you run out) than an electric version – which means you’ll enjoy longer, hotter showers.

Cost savings + Versatility = the Propane Advantage

Water heaters are just the tip of the “propane is better“ iceberg. Consider these benefits when you choose propane appliances over electric models:

  • Propane gas cooking ranges give you precision temperature control that no electric stovetop can match;
  • Propane fireplaces will give you the romantic glow of a hearth at the click of a button, with about four times the heating efficiency of a wood-burning fireplace (and without the mess);
  • A propane clothes dryer will dry your clothes faster, which causes less wear and tear on them;
  • Propane spa heaters will heat faster and more effectively than an electric heat pump, which means you can use them year-round.

If environmental performance matters to you, consider that when taking into account the whole fuel cycle (from production and delivery to use), propane appliances produce about half as many carbon emissions their electric counterparts.

Using electric appliances just doesn’t add up – switch to propane power today! Contact Irish Propane today and learn more about propane appliance installations in Buffalo and Rochester, NY!

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