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Severe Weather Safety For Your Propane-Powered Home

propane safety during storms new york

Propane gas enjoys one of the safest track records of any form of home energy – but like any fuel source you need to take precautions when using it, especially during severe weather.

7 Propane Safety Tips During Extreme Weather

Here are seven things you can do to keep your family safe during extreme summer weather in Western New York.

  1. Create an emergency preparedness plan. A detailed emergency plan is a must for any family. Need some tips for preparing one? Check out these resources from the Department of Homeland Security’s ready.gov website.
  2. Check propane gas and carbon monoxide (CO) detectors at least twice a year. These devices provide essential protection for your family in the event of a propane leak or equipment malfunction. Follow manufacturer instructions regarding installation, location, and maintenance.
  3. Make sure your propane tank is securely anchored. If you have an above ground propane tank, always make sure it is anchored with cables to a solid (preferably concrete) base.
  4. Consider installing a tank dome. Tank domes do a great job protecting your propane tank’s valves and fittings from hail, debris, and falling tree limbs during a strong storm (they’re available for aboveground and underground tanks). To learn more about tank domes, contact us.
  5. Always listen to local authorities. Severe thunderstorms and other extreme weather can develop quickly. Charge electronic devices and have extra batteries for emergency radios; don’t assume that you’ll have access to the internet or your cellphone!
  6. If you are ordered to evacuate, use extreme caution when returning to your property. Look for downed power lines, damaged gas lines, or damage to your propane tank. If your propane tank becomes dislodged from its service line, it could be leaking gas. Do NOT go near it; call 911 and contact us immediately. Debris and water can also leak into regulators and controls, causing potential safety issues.
  7. When inspecting equipment, always put safety first. Always follow these guidelines when inspecting your equipment after a severe weather incident:
    • Never use a candle when inspecting your equipment.
    • Never turn on a light switch, use any power source, when re-entering your home after an outage.
    • Never inspect your household appliances while standing in water.
    • Never attempt propane repairs yourself.

If you suspect any of your propane appliances or propane equipment has been damaged by weather or flooding, contact us immediately. If you have turned off your gas supply, YOU MUST contact us to do an inspection and pressure test on your equipment before we can restore service (it’s the law!).

Be safe in any weather with help from Irish Propane. Contact us today to learn more about safe propane delivery Rochester and Buffalo, NY.

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