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The Benefits of Propane!

Improve Your Quality of Life with Propane

propane benefits new yorkPropane gas is a popular fuel for many reasons. You may also hear it referred to as LP or liquid propane gas. But whatever it’s called, there are many ways it can improve your quality of life in and around your New York home—especially during the summer months. And Irish Propane is a reliable propane service in Buffalo and Rochester, New York

Why Use Propane?

If you only think of propane when it comes time to grill, then get to know some of the other reasons using propane can be beneficial to you and your family. Here are some of the benefits propane offers:

  1. Efficiency: One of propane’s best qualities is how efficient it is. That means you get more for your money when you use propane to fuel your appliances.
  2. Portability: Propane is easy to transport, so you can bring it tailgating, camping, et cetera.
  3. Versatility: There’s so much propane can do in and around your home. With a single supply tank, you can use propane to cook, heat your home’s water, dry your clothes, and heat your home and pool.
  4. Eco-Friendly: Propane is clean and green. It’s non-toxic and produces almost no harmful carbon emissions.
  5. Safety: Propane appliances and tanks must adhere to strict safety standards. And all propane professionals receive extensive training. Propane has one of the best safety records in the fueling industry.
  6. Availability: The vast majority of the propane used in America is produced here in America. Unlike heating oil, the cost and availability of propane aren’t vulnerable to geopolitical events.

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Count on Irish

You can count on Irish Propane for all your propane needs. We offer the residents of Buffalo and Rochester, NY, expert propane and propane services:

  • We Deliver: You can trust the pros at Irish Propane to provide reliable propane delivery.
  • Cylinder Refills: We offer fast and friendly fill-ups at both of our locations.
  • Tank Disposal: You can bring us your unwanted propane tanks for disposal.

Irish Propane is a fourth-generation, family-owned, and certified women’s business enterprise serving residential and commercial customers in Central and Western New York. We offer fair and honest pricing, quality propane, friendly experts, and exceptional safety standards. You can count on us.

Contact Irish Propane today to learn more about how we can meet your propane needs.

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