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Three Things You Can Do Now to Make Next Heating Season Easier

Make next heating season easier

You’re going to have to take our word for it: heating season 2018/2019 will eventually come to an end here in Buffalo and Rochester.

But boy, what a strange season it was – full of weather ups and downs and seasonal stops and starts…and if you were an Irish Propane Will Call customer, you have the all-over-the-map heating bills to prove it.

Of course, our Budget Payment Plan customers barely felt a bump in the road over the last six months. That’s because our Budget plan takes your annual propane bill and splits it into 12 equal installments. The result? Your payment will be the same every month no matter how much fuel you use – a great help when you’re planning your home finances.

Best of all, there are no fees or finance charges for this service…think of it as free peace of mind.

Other FREE ways to de-stress for next heating season

Having predictable bills will definitely help take the edge off next heating season, but it won’t eliminate all sources of heating season stress. Fortunately, there are two FREE things you can do to make things go a little more smoothly for you in 2019-20:

  • Sign up for Autopay – With Autopay from Irish Propane, we will send your statements by email, then deduct your bill from your bank account via Electronic Funds Transfer (ETF) – you can always view your bill online and print it whenever you’d like. You’ll never have to worry about incurring a late payment again!
  • Register on our Online Customer Portal – Order fuel, check your account balance, manage your delivery appointments, and pay your bill – all from the comfort of your computer or cell phone. It’s possible with our convenient Irish Propane Online Customer Portal.

Get ready – enrollment for our Budget Plan begins in June! Contact us today to learn about other Irish Propane services that can make your life easier in the months ahead.

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