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What Is Propane Made Of?

An Introduction

what is propane buffalo,ny Plenty of families living in the Buffalo and Rochester regions of New York take advantage of propane’s versatility. Chances are you’ve already discovered how much propane can do in and around your home all year long. Propane is the preferred choice in most professional kitchens, so you know it’s good enough for yours. Propane can also heat your home and run various appliances. And if you’ve got a propane-powered backup generator, power outages won’t disrupt your life at home. You’ll be able to keep everything running including your fridge and other appliances, your heating and cooling system, your security system, and everything else that keeps your family safe and comfortable.

Irish Propane provides a reliable propane delivery service in Western and Central New York. And if you’re looking to switch providers, our friendly team of experts will make it quick and easy so you can start enjoying our second-to-none service as soon as possible.

The pros at Irish Propane are here to help you with all your propane needs. We’re also here to answer your questions about propane. Keep reading to learn more about this versatile, efficient, and eco-friendly fuel.

What Is Propane?

Have you ever wondered what propane is made of? Propane is made as a byproduct of natural gas processing and crude oil refining. It’s often compressed and stored as a liquid. For that reason, propane is sometimes called liquefied petroleum gas or LP gas or LPG. When it’s used as a fuel for vehicles, it’s called propane Autogas.

Where Is Propane Made?

Most of the propane used in America (over 90%) is produced in North America. That means using propane reduces our country’s dependency on foreign oil.

Does Propane Freeze?

Given how cold it’s been this winter, you might be wondering or worrying about the propane in your tank freezing. Well, don’t worry. The freezing point of propane is -44 degrees Fahrenheit.

How Efficient Is Propane?

Propane is extremely efficient. That’s why it’s the choice for so many of our residential and commercial customers. Propane is often a more efficient source of energy than electricity. For example, a propane clothes dryer works faster and more energy-efficiently than an electric clothes dryer. Also, a propane water heater offers roughly double the water recovery rate of an electric water heater. And should cost less to operate. Furthermore, propane water heaters take up less room in your home and offer better accuracy in terms of temperature adjustment.

Is Propane Safe?

As with most things, propane should be handled with care. However, it also has a great safety track record thanks to robust regulations. Plus, in the rare case of a leak, propane doesn’t do any harm to the surrounding soil, water, or animals. It’s non-toxic.

Why Choose Irish Propane?

Irish Propane is a fourth-generation, family-owned, certified women’s enterprise faithfully serving both residential and commercial customers in Western and Central New York. We’ll deliver the propane you need any time of day and regardless of the weather conditions. You can also count on us for fair pricing and safe deliveries.

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