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Should I Switch From Electric To Propane Appliances?

switch to propane appliances new yorkIf you’re using electric-powered appliances in your Buffalo- or Rochester-area home, you’re missing out on the many benefits that clean, green propane-powered home comfort equipment can give you!

Compare propane to electricity as a home energy source and you’ll quickly discover that propane is more:

  • Reliable: Power outages are more than twice as common as they were just a decade ago. With propane appliances backed up by a propane whole house generator, you’ll be free from the limitations of an unreliable grid.
  • Versatile:  Propane can run all your appliances – including your furnace or boiler, space heaters, water heater, clothes dryer, backup power generators, and more – all from a single, easily refillable propane storage tank.
  • Efficient: Propane provides far more BTUs per dollar than electricity – a very important factor to consider when considering how to heat a home here in Upstate New York.
  • Eco-friendly: About 40 percent of the electricity produced in New York is generated by burning natural gas, which is mostly methane – a gas that is more than 80 times more effective at trapping heat than carbon dioxide. Burning propane releases virtually no greenhouse gases.
  • Safe: Propane will not ignite until the air reaches 940° F, and there must be a very specific combination of propane and oxygen for propane to burn. Fires cause by electricity, on the other hand, are common – in fact, electrical problems are the second-leading cause of home fires.

Best of all, converting from electric to propane is easy – and more affordable than you think. To learn more about propane conversions in Buffalo or Rochester, contact our propane experts today.

Contact Irish Propane today to learn more about converting your home to propane, or to become an Irish Propane customer and get the most reliable propane deliveries in our Buffalo and Rochester service areas!

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