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Will Propane Improve My Home Heating Efficiency?

Home heating

If you already use propane gas to power appliances in your home, you probably know that it’s probably the most versatile fuel around. Just about any home comfort equipment that runs on electricity can also run on propane – often with dramatic improvements in performance.

Take propane water heaters, for example: a propane water heater will cost about 30 percent less to operate than an electric water heater – even less if you choose a tankless option – while providing much faster recovery times.

But water heaters are just one example of the kind of performance improvement you can expect when you switch to propane gas. Propane furnaces have AFUE ratings* that can range into the upper-90s, for example; that’s considerably more than a heating oil furnace, which typically has an AFUE rating in the mid- to upper 80s. Propane fireplaces are four or five times more efficient than a wood-burning hearth, too.

Propane: Improved efficiency and more

Of course great efficiency is just one benefit of choosing propane. Consider some of the practical ways that propane improves your quality of life at home, especially when compared with using electric appliances:

  • Propane furnaces feature two-stage gas burners and variable speed motors that deliver consistently warm air everywhere in your home, no matter how cold it gets outside.
  • Propane gas cooking ranges, available in a variety of sizes and styles, give you precision temperature control that no electric stovetop can match.
  • Propane fireplaces give you the warm glow of a fire without the set up or clean up of a wood fire.
  • Propane water heaters have a much faster recovery period than electric models, so you’ll enjoy longer, hotter showers.
  • Propane clothes dryers dry faster with less wear and tear on your clothes.

As you can see, by choosing propane you’ll save money and get better performance almost every time. You’ll also help the environment, since as much as two-thirds of the energy used by a power plant to generate and transmit electricity is wasted.

Propane – a smart fuel for energy efficiency and more! If you’re ready to make the switch to propane and live in our Rochester or Buffalo service area, be sure to become an Irish Propane customer for the most reliable propane delivery in Western NY!

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